Founded in Switzerland in 1995, BinC Industries has developed a proprietary precision surface finishing technique
The Micro Machining Process (logo MMP technology)...

BinC Industries offers end-to-end surface treatment services

BinC Industries is committed to the values of custom service, proprietary technology and discretion.

BinC Industries logo MMP technology surface treatment labs are secure and confidential.

This remarkable technological innovation is unique in the surface treatment market. It is extremely accurate, making highly-selective surface finishes possible.

logo MMP technology can be used on metal, composite and alloy parts to obtain surface finishes that meet exacting technical, mechanical and appearance specifications—specifications that are difficult to meet using traditional manual, mechanical, chemical, or electrolytic processes.
BinC Industries offers end-to-end surface treatment services from consulting and surface measurement and analysis to selective surface finishing using the exclusive Micro Machining Process (logo MMP technology). BinC Industries' comprehensive approach guarantees that clients receive the optimal solution for their complicated superfinishing needs. BinC Industries serves manufacturer in the aerospace, medical, cutting tools, forge, stamping and die, transmissions, plastic injection molds, additive manufacturing).
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