1995 Foundation

2002 BESTinCLASS secures new financing

2003 High-tech industries

2005 Appearance-enhancing finishes

2006 Second surface treatment lab

2007 Richemont Int. SA becomes the majority shareholder

2008 BESTinCLASS signs joint venture

2009 BESTinCLASS bolsters international expansion

2014 Separation of Luxury Goods markets (BESTinCLASS SA)
          belonging to the Richemont Group Int. SA and industrial
          markets (BinC Industries SA)

2014 BinC Industries creates a JV in India: INFINI Precision Pvt. Ltd
• 2002 BESTinCLASS secures new financing and launches its expansion strategy. CapD Limited Partners acquires a 51% shareholding in BESTinCLASS, providing a new growth opportunity. The company opens its first treatment lab near Lyon, France.
• 2003: The fund acquires 100% of the capital: technical market are operated (molds, tools, aerospace, friction parts, …)
• 2005 BESTinCLASS expands into appearance-enhancing finishes for the luxury watch, jewellery and premium eyewear markets.
• 2006 BESTinCLASS opens a second surface treatment lab and a new head office in Genolier, Switzerland. The company starts looking for a new financial backer, this time in the manufacturing industry, to better pave the way for future international expansion.
• 2007 CapD Limited Partners sells its shares in the company and Compagnie Financière Richemont SA becomes the majority shareholder.
• 2008 BESTinCLASS signs joint venture agreements in China, the UK and the US, accelerating its international growth strategy.
• 2009, BESTinCLASS bolsters international expansion with new logo MMP technology treatment labs in the U.K., the U.S., and China and plans to launch additional international treatment labs. The company exhibits at leading international trade shows.

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